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Current Partners

Plow & Grow Consulting is grateful to partner with other capacity building consultants and professionals to help build and grow your non-profit agency.

Claude Robinson

Founder & President of Onyx Strategic Partners

Onyx Strategic Partners, LLC, is led by award-winning
business and DEI specialist, Claude Robinson.

Established in 2022, Claude pivoted away from a long-
time nonprofit role to bring decades of government

relations, fundraising, strategic planning, and business
management success to high-level businesses and
individuals nationally. Claude is responsible for shifting
organizational cultures that altered the DEI space
across the entire city, while also having raised tens of
millions of dollars in fundraising. His knowledge of
Chicago’s business landscape is unmatched.

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David Chappell

CEO of Daybreak Development

Daybreak Development LLC is led by fundraiser and social entrepreneur, David Chappell. The mission of Daybreak
Development is to transform traditionally disinvested and
marginalized communities by providing businesses, nonprofits, and neighborhoods with access to wealth and strategic vision. This is done through grant writing, individual fundraising, business consulting, and venture capitalism. David has over 15 years of nonprofit experience working in direct service programming, executive leadership, board leadership, fundraising, and executive
training. Since 2020, David has raised over $17,100,000 in funds for nonprofit and for-profit organizations from around the world.

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